Pain at the bottom of the heel? At the height of our heel there is a tendon blade that partly absorbs our body weight when walking. The tendon blade can become infected due to an incorrect gait pattern, obesity, prolonged overload, incorrect footwear. You can recognize this by a shooting, stabbing pain at the bottom of the heel. This pain can also become chronic. This creates extra bone growth and we speak of heel spur. Choose good shoes that prevent heel spurs with soft shock-absorbing soles or insoles to improve your walking comfort. Sore feet are a thing of the past thanks to the SOFT-AIR TECHNOLOGY. The elastic and super soft SOFT-AIR MIDSOLE reduces shocks to an absolute minimum.



Hallux valgus: usually an acquired malformation of the big toe. The metatarsal bone of the big toe points inward and the big toe points outward. This creates a lump along the side of the foot. This lump can become inflamed and thus lead to bursitis which can cause pain Conservative treatment for hallux valgus is usually not possible. To improve walking comfort, it is therefore best to choose somewhat wider shoes. All MOBILS ERGONOMIC shoes have an extra wide model and thus offer more space for your forefoot. This ensures a perfect fit and incomparable wearing comfort.


Our big toe is also often a culprit for sore feet. A stiffening of the big toe as a result of arthrosis in the joint. You feel shooting pains, especially when walking. To improve walking comfort, it is therefore best to choose somewhat wider shoes. Problems with the big toe often arise when you wear tight, narrow or too high shoes. A special feature of the MOBILS shoes is the soft and comfortable SOFT AROUND PADDING. A specially designed fabric between the lining and the naturally soft leather provides wonderful comfort. This quality feature of all MOBILS shoes and sandals hugs your feet and prevents you from feeling trapped.

Cavity foot & Hammer toes

Do you have a very high instep and arch compared to an average foot? Then you suffer from hollow foot. As a result, various complaints can arise. Hammer toes often also form due to the position of your feet. This is a stiffening of your little toes. Hollow foot can also cause other complaints such as your back, knees, hips and even your neck. The best treatment for hollow foot and hammer toes is to choose the right footwear. Definitely don't go for tight shoes. This way you also avoid magpie eyes, for example. If you have really painful feet, it is best to use adapted insoles to optimize the gait pattern and to distribute the pressure better. Most Mephisto shoes have a removable footbed for your own arch supports.